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Jul 07 2018

Blount County Splash Pad Design Reveal

This meeting is open to all Blount County and surrounding residents who would be interested in providing assistance in any way to the planning and building of a Memorial Splash Pad in Blount County. The idea behind the splash pad would be a beautiful and fun place for all children to play in and enjoy while honoring the memory of Zakiah Satterfield as well as all other families who have lost children far too soon. In concept, a portion of the splash pad would be funded with pathways of pavers that are engraved with the names of loved ones lost as well as corporate or private sponsors. There would also be a beautiful memorial wall on the property with similar pavers as well.

Zakiah Satterfield was a brilliant and outgoing 9 year old boy who loved life and loved others. He was the quarterback for the Maryville Lil’ Rebs for 2 years and had begun spring practice with the Maryville Southerners before his sudden passing in April of 2016. He was a friend to everyone and made an impact on so many lives. He loved going to the splash pads in surrounding counties with his little brothers and loved to do anything to make others smile.

If you would like to offer support or assistance in coming up with ideas on how to fundraise or move forward with the building process, we would love to have you here!

If you would like an example of another successful Memorial Splash Pad, Check out Ava’s Splash Pad opened in 2013 in Mt. Juliet, TN.
Photos: http://www.mtjulietnews.com/photos/avas-splash-pad-opens-charlie-daniel-park/
News article: https://www.thechronicleofmtjuliet.com/avas-splash-pad-opening-saturday/


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