165 S. Concord Street Knoxville
165 S. Concord Street Knoxville, TN 37919


Jun 18 2018

Walk, Bike, or Scoot around Safety City!

Families may bring their own bikes with helmets, battery-powered cars, non-motorized scooters (no skateboards), doll buggies or walking shoes to Safety City to have open riding and play. There are two playgrounds with picnic areas adjacent to Safety City: one toddler and one designed for children ages 5-9.

The concept of Safety City is one of providing “hands-on” safety education within a child-size setting complete with buildings, paved streets and sidewalks, working traffic signals and traffic signs.

We will meet just inside the outdoor area, you will need to sign the waiver before entering. We can play until it closes at 12, then we can go out to the playgrounds and have a picnic if we desire.


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